The mission of our site is to synthesise a component meeting the needs of our customers.


We want to provide them with a high quality and safe product, giving them full confidence and satisfaction and become the new reference in the market.


To achieve this ambition, we are committed :


  • To design, implement and maintain a quality system that ensures the ongoing compliance of our activities with current national and international regulatory requirements that will enable us to obtain a Good Manufacturing Practices certificate.


  • To respect and enforce these requirements by training everyone to acquire the necessary skills to carry out their duties and to progress continuously.


  • To offer our employees a friendly working environment, respectful of their health, well-being and safety.


  • To produce and distribute products that meet expectations and use all means to combat defects.


  • To have a continuous improvement approach, seeking innovations and gains for the company without degrading quality, safety and the working environment.


  • To promote the Quality and Safety Culture through meaningful communication, through field visits encouraging exchanges, through the sharing of quality problems / risk situations and their management.


  • To develop the prevention of quality problems /accidents through risk management by doing everything possible to eliminate or reduce them.


  • To allocate sufficient means and resources to achieve our objectives and maintain the highest levels of quality and safety.


  • To measure our Quality and Safety performance in order to take appropriate action to maintain systems and improve their effectiveness.


  • Deal with complaints and consider them as opportunities of improvement.


  • Listening to our clients and provide them with customized solutions, seeing them as a driver of our changes and decisions.


To this end, management and supervisors must strongly and visibly support the commitments defined in this policy, the prevention and continuous improvement processes and commit the appropriate resources to carry out the resulting actions.


Each employee must also personally contribute to the site’s Quality and Safety culture on a daily basis and report any quality problems/risk situations to the appropriate management level.


“Our work is never so urgent that it requires us to dash off, put ourselves or others at risk.

Let’s take care of ourselves and everyone around us. All quality problems/accidents are preventable. Appropriate behaviour is the key.”


OUR TARGET = 0 accidents, 0 rejected batches.